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Floating motor pumps

Our floating pumps are for pumping water from flooded places, streams, ponds and available water sources.

Range of AQUAFLOAT floating pumps.
With 2 or 4 stroke engines, EUROMAST gives you a complete choice of floating motor pumps for exhaustion or fire.

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Using a floating pump

Floating motor pumps are mainly designed for operations with access to water. They always have a pump body fitted with a float and suction strainer to allow all fluids to be sucked in. The main objective of the pump is to transform the water points (lakes, ponds, rivers…) into a source for the firefighters.

EFP-11H-FL- Components

Preparation and start-up

Place the device on the water
Connect the DN65 pipe to the DSP65 fitting
Straighten the hose to avoid movement during filling
Attach a suitable rope to the handles
Start the engine by pulling the lever to the start position
Pull the rope until you feel resistance then pull quickly
Slowly release the engine start
Shift the throttle lever to the on position

floating pump starter position


A selection of pumps adapted to your specific business needs