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There are several international fire standards that regulate stationary pump sets, including NFPA20, UL and FM, as well as EN12845 in Europe. NFPA20 is an American fire standard that defines the requirements for stationary pump sets for sprinkler systems, fire reserves and RPAs. This standard is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive standards for stationary pump sets. It deals with the installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and operation of stationary pump units. It is important to note that these fire standards all have different requirements and are not mutually compatible. Fire protection systems must therefore comply with the requirements of the standard applicable to the buildings or installations intended for them.

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Fixed firefighting installations

Fire safety is a crucial topic in industries and workplaces, and a key element in protecting people and property from fires is the use of stationary pump sets. Stationary pump sets are water delivery systems that supply fire fighting systems, such as sprinklers, fire tanks and air distribution protection systems (RPA). It is important to comply with international fire standards to ensure the proper functioning of these systems and thus guarantee optimal safety.


UL and FM (Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual) fire standards are American standards that establish criteria for the design, installation and testing of fire protection systems, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems. These standards are particularly important for commercial and industrial buildings in the United States.


NFPA 20 (National Fire Protection Association) is also an American standard that deals with the requirements for the design, installation, maintenance and certification of fire pumping systems. It is used for commercial and industrial buildings in the United States.


EN12845 is a European standard which defines the requirements for automatic water-based fire suppression systems for commercial and industrial buildings. This standard covers the design, installation, testing and maintenance of fire suppression systems. It is used in all member countries of the European Union.

Fire network

Installations connected to fire networks, such as sprinkler systems, fire hoses and fire reserves, are closely linked to stationary pump units. Sprinkler systems are automatic systems that use garden hoses to put out fires in a specific area, while RIAs are armed fire hoses. Fire reserves are reservoirs of water that can supply firefighting systems in the event of a water supply failure or power outage.

A selection of pumps adapted to your specific needs

Fire safety

Large range of firefighting and flood fighting motor pumps. Pumps can be skid-mounted, portable, or trailer-mounted

Marine - Sea water

Range of motor pumps resistant to sea water. Can be used for security services on ships and oil ports, commercial ports

Industrial building

Fire pumps are usually approved by a certification body and are powered by an electric or diesel engine or sometimes by a steam turbine.

Flood Construction site

Pumps used for lifting wastewater, evacuating loaded and muddy water, drying or irrigating.

Civil security

Motor pumps used during flooding to collect or drain water

Home Security

Motor pumps and a swimming pool to fight fires, as well as our range of cellar pumps intended for the evacuation of rainwater and clear water!