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      Pumps on chassis

      We offer a wide choice of pump units for many areas of use, mainly industrial and fire.
      Pump sets with Sprinkler network system, multi-outlet pump sets, oil drilling pumps, .. our catalog is rich and the list exhaustive.

      Our pump units meet strict standards: NFPA20, UL / FM, ATEX, EN 733, ISO 2858, to name just a few.

      Do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your prerequisites.

      NFPA20 pump unit

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      A selection of pumps adapted to your specific business needs

      MI fire engine pump

      Fire & flood

      MI marine motor pump

      Sea water

      MI.COM civil security pump
      Civil security

      Suction & irrigation

      Fire engine kits
      construction site

      Loaded waters


      Watering & cellar vacuum


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