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      Exhaustion pumps

      Site sewage pumps can be submersible or surface-mounted.

      They easily circulate all clear or muddy waters.

      Drainage pumps are often used for draining site water, for draining excavations.

      They may very well have a civil or industrial surface drying application.


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      The site pump can draw all so-called 'dirty' rainwater. Thus, in the event of a flood or if you have premises subject to this type of event (office in the basement, etc.), the site pump will be of great help to you.

      As a general rule, the construction site pump can pump water with a high grain size. Their passage diameter between 7 mm and up to 35 mm.

      These site pumps are not made for dirty water. Using this type of pump for lifting water containing solid particles would damage the pump. In order for your construction site pump to last over time, ensure that it is in good working conditions.

      Draining groundwater, pumping water from reservoirs, tanks, ponds and rivers, emptying fountains or ponds, the site pump will always be useful!

      For optimal operation, we recommend that you install a protection and control cabinet outside your pump. It will allow you to easily control the start-ups of your site pump.

      Do you lack technical elements on site pumps? Do you wish to have personalized advice before buying your sump pump? Do you want advice tailored to your needs? Contact our technical team ...

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