The SAFAL® fabric is the fruit of our research and development department which, after various analyzes made by our technicians, has created an even more efficient and comfortable fabric.

Designed to facilitate the work of professionals, the SAFAL® fabric is a good compromise between heat resistance, resistance to contact with other hot materials or with other mechanical forces, it offers unequaled comfort compared to d other aluminized clothing.

The softness of the Safal fabric considerably reduces the stress load of professionals using high protection clothing, generally used to clothing which is rather difficult to wear because of their rigidity and weight which limit movement.

This characteristic is very important because it places our fabric above others among the aluminized outfits.

Our company is always vigilant and attentive to the needs of its customers, which is why our research and development department is the key to our success.

Variation of dimensions when washing water at 30 ° C

UNI EN ISO 6330: 2009 | UNI EN ISO 3759: 2008 | UNI EN ISO 5077: 2008

Chain = +/- 2% max

Weft = +/- 2% max

UNI EN ISO 13937- 1: 2002 laceration chain 57 N
UNI EN ISO 13937-1: 2002 laceration fabric 58 N
Traction chain on the UNI EN ISO 13934-1: 2000 belt 1100 N
Traction frame on the UNI EN ISO 13934-1: 2000 strip 900 N
UNI EN ISO 11612: 2009 standard Radiant heat ISO 6942 Met.B C2
UNI EN ISO 11612: 2009 STANDARD Convective heat ISO 9151 B1
UNI EN ISO 11612: 2009 STANDARD Limited flame spread UNI EN ISO 15025 Proc. AT A1