Fire is one of the greatest risks to which individuals can be exposed. Preparation and prevention are therefore essential to protect people and property. One of the simplest and most effective ways for individuals to protect themselves against fires is to be equipped with a motor pump and fire accessories.

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Fire pumps

Motor pumps are essential tools for fighting fires, as they allow water to be drawn from a source such as a swimming pool or a water point and then projected onto the fire. The models most commonly used by individuals are hand pumps, which are easy to use and transport. These motor pumps can be used to put out forest fires, brush fires and house fires.


It is important to note that motor pumps are only effective if used with appropriate fire accessories. The most commonly used fire accessories are garden hoses, nozzles and lances. Sprinkler hoses transport water from the source to the motor pump, while nozzles and lances allow water to be projected onto the fire. It is important to use quality fire accessories to ensure good performance of the motor pump.

By using a motor pump and appropriate fire accessories, individuals can use their swimming pool or a water point to defend themselves against fires while waiting for the arrival of help. However, it is important to note that the use of a fire engine and accessories should not replace the call for help. It is therefore important to always contact the emergency services in the event of a fire, even if you are using a motor pump and fire accessories.

In short

Fire protection equipment is vital for individuals. Motor pumps and fire accessories are essential tools for fighting fires. An individual who is well equipped can protect himself while waiting for the arrival of firefighters thanks to quality equipment.

A selection of pumps adapted to your specific needs

Fire safety

Large range of firefighting and flood fighting motor pumps. Pumps can be skid-mounted, portable, or trailer-mounted

Marine - Sea water

Range of motor pumps resistant to sea water. Can be used for security services on ships and oil ports, commercial ports

Industrial building

Fire pumps are usually approved by a certification body and are powered by an electric or diesel engine or sometimes by a steam turbine.

Flood Construction site

Pumps used for lifting wastewater, evacuating loaded and muddy water, drying or irrigating.

Civil security

Motor pumps used during flooding to collect or drain water

Home Security

Motor pumps and a swimming pool to fight fires, as well as our range of cellar pumps intended for the evacuation of rainwater and clear water!