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      Pumps driven ML08C-BR centrifugal pump two wheels

      The ”ML08” range of pumps has been developed and designed taking into account the many needs for users of fire protection vehicles, and combines the characteristics of high efficiency and reliability.
      A wide range of flow rates and a full variety of options
      ”ML08” the right answer for all types of vehicles and fire control systems.


      High flow from 100 to 400 lpm
      Pump body in Bronze
      Turbine in Bronze

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      Weight90 kg



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      Medium and high pressure driven pumps for fire fighting



      “ML08” Driven Pumps are extremely versatile and can cover a wide range of flow rates:
      HIGH PRESSURE - High flow from 100 to 400 lpm Pressure range from 10 to 40 bar

      The ”ML08” Maleco pump series is born from the evolution of the previous range of PAM Antonicelli FIRE PUMP, which for decades has supplied thousands of vehicles to the FIRE FIGHTERS in Italy and in the foreign country. In the year 1995, a team of technicians coming from Antonicelli, ASPI tamini and primary industries of the fire fighting division started the studies and design of the Maleco fire pump ML, offer their know-how and keeping in mind the needs of users and editors.

      The result of the developed work is translated into a specific, compact product with a wide range of rates in both medium and high pressure flow. A variety of accessories make the Maleco ML08 fire pump the right answer for all types of vehicles and fire systems.


      • Wide range of rates from both medium pressure and high flow
      • Centrifugal pump type, two wheels, medium possibility selection / high pressure
      • Possibility of operating in a pressure environment or combined high pressure (from 40 bar - standard EN 1028)
      • Wide choice of customization In accordance with EN 1028 rule
      • Free of lubrication
      • Reduced footprint low weight
      • Aluminum bronze or light alloy construction
      • Water ring priming system,
      • Bronze or light alloy aluminum construction, stainless steel shaft, automatic engage / disengage
      • Stainless steel pump shaft with self-adjusting mechanical seal
      • Modular distribution manifold integrated in the pump housing
      • Possibility of choosing the pump control panel
      • Recycle and relief valve
      • High pressure distribution valve

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