Fire protection kits with high pressure pump and tank for quad and buggy

Fire extinguisher kits to be installed on an intervention quad or buggy with high pressure motor pump and glass fiber reinforced polyester tank


From 34 L / min. at 170 bar
Up to 135 L / min. at 20 bar
pumps diaphragm or piston
Engines Petrol or diesel
Tank from 100 to 200 Liters
+ Hose reel, hose and lance

Further information

Weight ND
Length ND

indifferent, Petrol, Diesel


indifferent, 34 L / min. at 170 bars, 42 L / min. at 150 bars, 42 L / min. at 100 bars, 42 L / min. at 150 bars, 50 L / min. at 40 bars, 70 L / min. at 40 bars, 80 L / min. at 40 bars, 100 L / min. at 50 bars, 135 L / min. at 20 bars

Tank capacity (Liters)

indifferent, 100, 150, 200




Categories: Application job:

The fire-fighting module equipped with a high pressure pump is intended to be fitted to a quad vehicle.

Performance to suit your needs:

  • 34 L / min. at 170 bar
  • 42 L / min. at 100 bar
  • 42 L / min. at 150 bar
  • 50 L / min. at 40 bar
  • 70 L / min. at 40 bar
  • 80 L / min. at 40 bar
  • 100 L / min. at 50 bar
  • 135 L / min. at 20 bar


  • Essence of 9, 13 and 18 CV
  • Diesel of 10, 11, 12, 15 and 19 CV

Ready-to-install kits consist of:

  • Water tank from 100 to 200 Liters in GRP (Fiber Reinforced Polyester de Glass) cube, L or T shape
  • Fire engine with motor
  • 1 or 2 manual or electric reels up to 100m of hose
  • HP submachine gun launcher
  • Chassis receiving all these elements

1 • MAXIMUM LIGHTNESS: with the GRP tank, the weight is lower than those built with another material (stainless steel) by about 50%, thus allowing to have a reduced load, or at equal weight, to increase the water capacity on the vehicle.

2 • RESISTANCE: the mixture of fiberglass fabric and resin, guarantees with the current technology a better solidity in comparison to the other materials, and is easier to repair in case of accident (the same technology used as for racing cars, regatta boats and planes).

3 • PRODUCT / PRICE REPORT: with GRP tanks there is a cost reduction which affects the price of the final product.



Through the new working methods of PRFV (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics), it has been possible to develop products with radically different shapes and structures and to be able to make them MONOLITHIC (one piece). This novelty has eliminated the big drawback of insufficient mechanical resistance to transverse and centripetal thrusts which occur in all other tanks not developed with this method. Indeed the “old” working method foresees the construction of 2 half-shells united by a peripheral gluing. This system has the disadvantage of being less resistant to the torsions created by a chassis on difficult terrain. The new technology makes it possible to build one-piece tanks with homogeneous and continuous ribs over the entire height of the sides and, at the same time, to make them slightly conical. The bottom, placed in the same room and equipped with 50 mm ribs reinforced with high density polyurethane, fits into the body of the tank and the whole is laminated with fiberglass on the outside and on the outside. the interior all around the perimeter which becomes, after polymerization, a single body.

The resins used are of the FR type, self-extinguishing, according to the standards:

  • DIN 53438 Teil 3 - Classification F 1/37 m / m
  • FIAT 50433 - Classification INFLAMMABLE
  • FIAT 50433/01 - Classification NOT INCANDESCENT IN FLAME

All of this kits are completely autonomous sets, ready to go.


  • Patented FHP foam proportioners
  • Foam spears
  • Electric wire feeders or manual
  • Panel for group orders
  • Tank filling hydro-ejector
  • Trailers

Detailed description of the complete modules:

  • submachine gun launcher with full or diffused jet adjustment Flow rate 40 L / min
  • steel hose reel complete with 50 meters of PVC pipe for diaphragm pump and metallic R1 pipe for piston pump
  • interchangeable cartridge filter positioned on the suction line
  • tube too full pointing down
  • Ø3 45-way valve with UNI 804 brass fitting for tank suction or external suction
  • level by communicating vase
  • manhole Ø330
  • manual accelerator
  • start and stop key
  • second discharge outlet with quick coupling
  • discharge valve for the main reel and for the second outlet
  • operating lever, stop and pressure regulation
  • pressure regulating valve
  • pressure gauge
  • spiral suction hose 6M with brass bottom valve UNI25 connection
  • drain valve - use and maintenance booklet.

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