Diesel pump set according to NFPA20 standard


  • Iveco diesel engine
  • Complies with NFPA 20
  • Max flow 250 m3 / h
  • max head height 122m

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Characteristics of the diesel centrifugal pump unit:

  • Manufactured to NFPA 20
  • Cast iron pump body - GGG 40
  • Shaft made of AISI 420 stainless steel
  • Control panel
  • 3000 rpm IVECO diesel engine
  • 365 liter tank
  • Clear water transfer
  • Delivery diameter PN 16
  • Suction diameter PN 16
  • Flow rate of 250 m3 / h
  • 122 m elevation height

Advantage of the diesel centrifugal pump unit:

  • High performance. The pump is equipped with an IVECO F40.10 engine. It can reach a speed of 3000 rpm, ensuring high performance in water transfer.
  • High Capacity.  With a tank capacity of 365 liters and a maximum flow rate of 250 m3/h, it is capable of treating large quantities of water
  • Versatility. The pump is designed for transferring clear water, making it versatile and suitable for various applications
  • Extended Scope. Maximum lift capacity of 122 meters allows the pump to be used in situations where significant lift is required
  • Robust construction. The GGG40 cast iron body and AISI420 stainless steel shaft guarantee a robust and durable construction, ensuring pump reliability in harsh conditions
  • Ease of Control. The presence of a control panel facilitates monitoring and control of the pump, improving ease of use
  • Compliance with Standards. Manufactured to NFPA 20, the pump meets high quality standards, enhancing its reliability and compliance with industrial requirements
  • High Compatibility. PN16 specifications for discharges and suctions indicate high compatibility with systems using these standards
  • Integrated tank. The 365 liter tank capacity eliminates the need for an immediate external water source, improving pump runtime.
  • Corrosion resistance. The use of AISI420 stainless steel for the shaft contributes to corrosion resistance, increasing the life of the pump

NFPA 20 standard:

  • Due to the particular importance of NFPA fire pumps, the standard was developed based on material characteristics and performance. These requirements must be met for compliance with NFPA 20. Based on these conditions, it can be seen that fire pumps are quite different from other pumps. Fire pumps are designed and manufactured to provide maximum reliability and a clear output pressure value throughout their service life.

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