Self-priming pump for sewage (100m3/h max)

Exhaust pump which allows large quantities of loaded water to be moved.
Can be used in several areas such as construction sites or mines.
Aluminum flanged suction and discharge ports, easily replaceable.
Marine option with bronze impeller.
Made in Europe.


  • Gasoline or electric diesel engine
  • Max flow 96m³/h
  • Max pressure 2.8 bar
  • 48m³/h at 2 bar

Further information

Weight 120 kg
Length 94x84x79 cm

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Marinated Version

Pump body in 3054 aluminum, Impeller in bronze


Wheels on chassis, Without wheels

Engine characteristics

  • Engine: Electric, Diesel (Hatz / Lombardini) or Gasoline (Honda / Briggs / Lombardini / Robin)
  • Starter: Manual or electric

Pump characteristics

  • Self-priming centrifugal pump for very heavy water suitable for construction sites, mines and sea water.
  • Cast iron wear plate, easily removable, coated with abrasion and grease resistant rubber.
  • Fittings: BSP 3 ”
  • Pump body in UNI 3054 aluminum resistant to salt water
  • G25 cast iron impeller
  • Max flow: 100M3/ H = 1666 lpm
  • Max pressure: 2.8 bar - 28m
  • Priming: Automatic by filling the pump body
  • Solid passage: 28mm

Assembly of the motor pump

  • Configuration: Protective frame or chassis on wheels with 4 handles
  • Removable pump body
  • Priming plug
  • Dimensions: 860 x 580 x 630 mm (chassis excluding trolley)
  • Weight: 52kg

Navy option

  • Pump body in UNI 3054 aluminum resistant to salt water
  • Cast iron volute G25
  • Bronze impeller bral UNI5275

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