Briggs&Stratton sea water fire pump


  • Briggs&Stratton engine
  • Gasoline
  • HMT 100
  • Max flow 2000l/min

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Description of the sea water fire pump, Briggs & Stratton

The EFP-900-6BS-M motor pump has a very low weight and a compact design. Thanks to its light weight and small size it is easily transportable by 2 people. Intervene even in narrow areas and on uneven terrain. The chassis is equipped with articulated handles which facilitates transport.

  • Briggs&stratton OHV 2-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine
  • Electric and manual emergency start
  • Bronze impeller and marine grade aluminum pump body
  • Assembly on anti-vibration silentblock
  • Sturdy, ergonomic tubular frame with carrying handles
  • Priming via exhaust gas
  • Discharge line pressure gauge
  • Suction line vacuum meter


  • Solid structure for the motor pump. In addition, the anti-vibration silentblock mounting helps reduce vibrations, improving stability.
  • Features an electric start for easy getting started. Manual start option in case of emergency, ensuring flexible use in different situations.
  • The motor pump offers speed control, allowing performance to be adjusted according to specific needs.
  •  The bronze impeller and marine-grade aluminum pump body ensure durability and corrosion resistance, which can be especially important when using seawater.
  •  Incorporates features such as an hour meter (hour counter) to track usage, an LED spotlight for increased visibility, and indicators like the pressure gauge on the discharge line and the vacuum gauge on the suction line.
  • Offers a maximum flow rate of 2000 l/min with discharge capacity at different pressures, suitable for different usage requirements.
  • Specifically suitable for pumping sea water, which can be essential in fire situations near sea areas.
  • The Brigs & Stratton engine is well known for its reliability and performance, adding quality assurance to the product.
  • The compact dimensions make transport and storage easy, and the 79,2 lb weight is manageable for a variety of applications.





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