High pressure fire engine with Rotax 29kW motor


  • Petrol petrol engine
  • Max flow 2000 l / min
  • 1000 l / min at 8 bar
  • 500 l / min at 11 bar

Further information

Weight 150 kg
Length 92,6x63,6x84,5 cm





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High pressure portable centrifugal fire pump

Engine: Petrol Complies with standard EN 14 466

Rotax 4-stroke engine Twin cylinders motorization 29 kW
Displacement 600 cm3 Air cooling Electronic fuel injection 20 l fuel tank Electric starter
Max flow at a suction height of 3 m

  • 1050 l / min at 10 bar
  • 1200 l / min at 8 bar
  • 2000 l / min at 2 bar

Max pressure: 15.5 bars
Aspiration: 1 X AR 100/110 connections Discharge: 2 X DSP 65/70 connections
Hood with spotlights; control panel with tachometer, operating hours counter and control diodes for recharging the battery, oil pressure, fuel reserve and indication of engine faults,
Aluminum frame with four folding handles
One-stage centrifugal pump in anodized aluminum, anodized aluminum impeller with spherical blades, stainless steel shaft, pressure gauge on the suction side and the pressure side, the pump can be manually deactivated.

Initiator by piston pump with automatic control and possibility of manual stop suction time. 5 sec. for a suction height of 3 m and 20 sec. for a height of 7,5m.
Weight:  150 kg ready for use (full tank)
Dimensions L x W x H approx. : 926 x 636 x 845 mm

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