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EN 14466

Pumps for fire use - Portable motor pumps - Safety and performance requirements, tests


This document applies to portable motor pumps using centrifugal pumps for fire use as defined in EN 1028, driven by a combustion engine, not intended for permanent mounting on firefighting and service vehicles. emergency and not intended for prolonged unattended operation. It deals with all significant dangerous phenomena, dangerous situations and dangerous events caused by portable motor pumps as described above, when they are used normally and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer.

It addresses questions relating to the construction, adjustment and operation of portable motor pumps.

It also specifies the performance requirements which portable motor pumps in this field of application must meet.

It applies to portable motor pumps used in an ambient temperature range between -15 ° C and + 35 OC.

This document does not cover the effects on performance for inlet temperatures above + 20 ° C.

It does not contain any requirements relating to the suction and discharge connections, and does not contain specific requirements for drive motors, but it deals with the dangerous phenomena generated by the interface between the motor and the pump.

During the preparation of this document, it was considered that:

  • only trained people use and maintain the machine;
  • the components are kept in good condition and in working order, so as to retain the required characteristics.

The noise test code considered in this document will provide the necessary experience in measuring noise emission levels for future revisions.

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