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IP 55

Protection index IP55
The protection index (IP55) is an international standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission relating to sealing.

IP stands for Ingress Protection. This index classifies the level of protection offered by a material to the intrusion of solid and liquid bodies.

The protection of the material against certain influences such as:

The penetration of foreign bodies which would disturb the mechanical or electrical functioning. Among them are sand and dust as well as small animals and flying or crawling insects.
Water and other liquids which would alter the insulation and cause degradation.
Mechanical impacts which could deform or break fragile parts.
Corrosive gases from the environment.
The format of the index, given by standard IEC 60529, is IP55 where the letters 55 are two digits and / or a letter. The figures indicate compliance with the conditions summarized in the tables below.

When no criteria are met, the number can be replaced by the letter X.

The IP code corresponds to the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment whose voltage is less than or equal to 72,5 KiloVolts.

1st digit index (ten) = Dust protection 2nd digit index (unit) = Water protection
5 Protection index IP52 Protected against dust. 5 Protection index IP55 Protected against water jets from all directions with the lance (6,3 mm nozzle).

The standard determines:
a) Definitions of the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment with regard to:
a1) Protection of persons against access to dangerous parts inside the enclosure.
a2) The protection of the materials inside the envelope against the penetration of foreign solid bodies.
a3) The protection of the materials inside the enclosure against harmful effects due to the penetration of water.
b) The designations of these degrees of protection.
c) The requirements for each designation.
d) The tests to be carried out to verify that the enclosure meets the requirements.

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