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EUROMAST is one of the leaders in the field of fire. Safety, rigor and performance are part of our daily life.
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The presence of FIRECO on the market dates back to 1975. The recognized quality of our masts has made us a world leader in this sector EUROMAST manufactures and markets masts in French-speaking countries (Switzerland, Africa, etc.). Thanks to its relationships with the largest fire bodybuilders, we have extended our range to fire kits. In effect, EUROMAST assembles its own fire extinguishing kits to be placed on a quad, pick-up, van or trailer intervention vehicle with a high or low pressure motor pump.

EUROMAST is therefore a major player in the field of fire. To adapt to growing demand from security professionals, we have consolidated our range. It is through 5 main axes that our activity is oriented. We manufacture our roller shutters, telescopic masts and fire kits for firefighters and the military. We equip firefighters around the world with our PPE and tools. Finally, we supply motor pumps to professionals in fire safety, industry or even farmers without geographical limits.

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Fire safety is essential to protect people and property in industries and other workplaces. Fires can cause considerable damage and even loss of life. It is therefore important to take measures to prevent fires and to be ready to fight them if necessary.

Industries can be particularly exposed to the risk of fire due to the presence of flammable materials and potentially dangerous equipment. Fires in metal processing plants, oil refineries and power plants can be particularly destructive. It is therefore important for industries to take measures to prevent fires, such as regulating industrial processes, maintaining equipment and training personnel in fire safety procedures.

Firefighters play a crucial role in fire protection. They are responsible for fighting fires when they occur, and protecting people and property in danger. Firefighters are trained to use special equipment and techniques to fight fires, and they must also be physically fit to perform their dangerous work. Firefighters are often the first responders at the scene of a fire, so they have a great responsibility.

In sum, fire safety is a crucial topic in industries and workplaces. It is important to take steps to prevent fires and to be prepared to fight them in an emergency. Firefighters are key players in this fight against fires, and their work is often dangerous. It is therefore important to support fire safety efforts to protect people and property.

Our mission is to provide you with quality equipment for your safety. To do this, we work closely with professionals in the firefighting industry. Our approach is as follows: focus on technique. You can rely on our expertise to offer you the appropriate equipment according to your needs.

Volunteer firefighters, specific training and experience, our team has practical skills. All our employees know how to use the products we sell. You will therefore have understood that supporting our customers is our daily business.

Our range of portable motor pumps brings together our compact and self-priming fire fighting pumps. The range has many solutions ranging from a fire kit for domestic use up to high performance pumps for fire professionals.

We floating pumps are available to firefighters around the world. Lightning-fast deployment with speeds up to 2400L/min, these water transfer pumps are ideal for filling fire tanks or fire trucks.

We also provide fixed motor pumps designed under different standards: UL&FM; NFPA20 ; EN12845. These firefighting units are fully customizable and can be used to supply sprinkler or RIA type water networks.

In the category towable pumps, you will find all our towable models. As many fire fighting pumps only pumps for flood emergencies. If you need a multifunctional motor pump to intervene quickly, it is in this category that you will find it.

We high pressure kits, which we manufacture to measure, are essential to fight against the start of fires. We manufacture 4 types of tank to be able to fix the kit on any vehicle. It is one of our oldest products. Our kits have been supporting firefighters for 50 years on forest fires, in warehouses, vehicle fires, etc.

Finally, it is with the good ones accessoiries that the right products work. We have a range of fire accessories to enhance your user experience. Cisterns, reels, fittings, pipes etc.

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